LOTOS MIG175 175AMP Mig Welder with Mask, Solid wires, Argon Regulator, Standard MIG Gun.
  • MIG welding aluminum, stainless steel and others; 20% duty cycle at 175 amps and 30% at 135 amps
  • Featured individual and infinite voltage and wire speed adjustment
  • Solid machine with really nice weld penetration and wire feed motor functionality

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  • A huge pro to start off with is the performance.
  • It is easy to operate and reliable as a welding tool.
  • It can be used for different materials and different purposes and always does a quality performance.
  • It works as designed and customers are very happy with the quality.


  • Can be a little difficult to master.

The Lotos MIG175 is known for the powerful spool gun and advanced transformer technology.

It can be connected to any 220V wall outlet for use and can be set up in 10 minutes. Plus, there are lots of online manuals and videos to help get started with this tool if you are a beginner.​

The product handles 4 to 8 inch wire spools.

It also has two automatic circuits which helps protect the wire feeder motor.

It comes with temperature control and a resettable overload protection to ensure that it has a long operating lifespan.​

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  • Product Dimensions: 18 by 10.5 by 12.5 inches
  • Weighs 92 pounds
  • AC/DC power source
  • 175A MIG Welder
  • Comes with a spool gun, a mask, solid wires, aluminum welding wires, argon regulator and of course the standard MIG Gun
  • 80% power efficiency
  • 200 to 240V voltage and 50/60Hz automatic dual frequency
  • Wire feed rate: 4.9ft per minute to 39.9ft per minute.025” to .030” applicable wire size
  • Stainless steel and mild steel welding capacity: 18 gauge
  • Aluminum welding capacity: 18” plate or thicker
  • 30-175A output current
  • Gas supply for aluminum: clean, dry, oil-free argon
  • Gas supply for steel: clean, dry, oil-free 75% argon and 25% CO2

What it Has to Offer

To start with, this MIG welder comes with a free spool gun for welding aluminum, a free mask, aluminum welding wires and also solid wires plus an argon regulator.

It can weld aluminum, stainless steel, mild steel and other materials.

It can wire speed adjustments and features individual and infinite voltage.

It is best known for its great welding abilities and wire feed motor functionality.

It features 20% duty cycle at 175 amps and 30% duty cycle at 135 amps.​

The Best Benefits – The features that are capturing Amazon buyers​

One great benefit it has are the two automatic circuits which helps protect the wire feeder motor and the automatic temperature control PLUS the resettable overload.

It is easy to see that this tool has durability in mind because these features help protect the welder and its lifespan to keep it running smoothly for years to come.

The MIG17A welder is a nice tool for lots of uses. But overall, it is safe to say that the tool is best used for home repair work and home projects.

It could even be used for automotive work and used for different thickness of materials so it is quite versatile.

It is easy to operate, lightweight and durable for at-home jobs and professional welders. Upon checking reviews online, this product is purchased by a variety of professionals and handymen enthusiasts.​

Who will benefit from the MIG175 175A Welder the Most?

As mentioned, it is a great tool for a variety of uses and consumers so professional and novice alike will benefit from the Lotos MIG175 but it is highly recommended for anyone looking for a welder for use on thicker materials.

If a 110V welder cannot get the job done for you, this tool will. It’s great for anyone tackling small house projects but it is also sturdy enough for bigger projects.​

Last update on 2017-11-21 PST - Details

Customer Scores

This product can be found with a very high score in the Gas Tank Protector category on Amazon.

A few low scores were given because the customers received faulty products in the mail.

However, a handful of reviews rave that the Lotos customer service has been great and reliable. Another customer said that the cables are a little thin but no one had any issues with the cables in the long run.

The consumers are many at-home workers and everyday professionals who needed a solid, reliable welding tool to tackle stainless steel, aluminum and other materials with varying thickness.

Many are longtime Lotos customers and many chose this product based on the great reviews it has online.

Accessories and Other Products:​

The Lotos Technology MIG175 comes with a total of four accessories included. These are:​

  • MIG Torch
  • MIG standard gun
  • Ground clamp and cable
  • Argon hose

The included MIG torch is a total length of 8’7”, and has a four-prong end connection and easy-to-use trigger. A 5ft argon hose is also included.


This tool is a nice welder for the price.

Customers love it for the affordability but continue to buy Lotos products like this MIG175 because of the quality and performance.

A lot of men use this for at-home projects and think it is a great tool for welding aluminum and other metals and other materials.

It has great reviews on Amazon and is quickly becoming a top-seller alongside other Lotos welding products.

As mentioned, it is recommended to inspect all parts upon receiving the tool in the mail and then to go ahead and review the operating manual plus any videos online to get a head start with learning to handle it properly.​

Last update on 2017-11-21 PST - Details

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