What Are The Best Plasma Cutter Accessories

Would you like to purchase a plasma cutter? There are a few things you should remember before settling on the final choice.

Regardless of your experience, there are numerous inquiries you may have – which air compressor to utilize, how to utilize consumables and so forth. You don’t have to fuss no more, we answer all inquiries in this article.

Whether you are working on a DIY project or industrial projects, this guide will immensely help you. Not only you’ll learn about plasma cutters, but you’ll also be able to learn about plasma cutter accessories.

Let’s Check Top 4 Plasma Cutter Accessories On The Market

Last update on 2017-11-20 PST - Details

Brief Review of Top 4 Plasma Cutter Accessories

1. PCON40 40 pcs Lotos Plasma Cutter Consumables

If you use plasma cutter regularly, the one thing that you need the most is extra consumables. They run out pretty fast and if you’re working on long projects, you must have some extra to save time

PCON40 Lotos is a quality product by Lotos brand. It includes 15 nozzles, 15 electrodes and 15 cups. This set of consumables is compatible with LOTOS LTP5000D, LTP5000, LTPDC2000, LTPDC2000D and LTPAC2500.​ Keep in mind that this set is only for the specified Lotos products. However, it is a quality product made of pure copper unlike copper alloys used in cheap consumables.​​

Last update on 2017-11-20 PST - Details

2. Hot Max WC100 Welding/Plasma Cutter Cart

If you work in a large workshop, you might need to move your plasma cutter frequently. This plasma cutter cart serves this very purpose.

Not only you can move the plasma cutter with a handle, there is also ample space for accessories in the storage tray. When using a welder there are two chains to secure the shielding gas tanks.

The front casters are 2.5” in size and the rear wheels are 6”.

Customers are very satisfied with this product, and specially its outstanding design.

The steel quality is the best in its class. It needs to be assembled but the process is easy. Customers find the Hot Max cart better than the Miller’s or Lincoln’s.​

It gives the best design with great black finish, extra storage space and sturdy structure with quality wheels. We give it a 10/10 in our review. If there’s one plasma cutter accessory we have to vouch for, this is the one.​

Hot Max WC100 Welding/Plasma Cutter Cart
Hot Max - Tools & Home Improvement

Last update on 2017-11-20 PST - Details

3. Hypertherm 027668 Plasma Circle Cutting Guide

The Hypertherm Guide helps you cut any circle with a diameter of 3 inches to 20 inches.

Circles are the hardest shapes while making a cut, hence the guide comes to your rescue.

The base of the magnetic cups helps them stick tight to the surface which helps in making precise cuts with zero margin of error.

It has two metal wheels which help make butter smooth cut on the material.

Customers find it a bit overpriced, but the brand reliability of hypertherm makes it a durable product.​

Last update on 2017-11-20 PST - Details

4. Hobart 770177 Tip

A tip is another consumable which you need to keep spare. The Hobart 770177 is well-received by customers and hence a good plasma cutter accessory. The package contains 5 tips of 0.030 inches.

However, these tips are only compatible with certain products. These include the Hobart Handler 135, Hobart Handler 175, Hobart Ironman 250, Later Hobart Beta-MIG 1800 and 2510​

Hobart 770177 Tip,Contact .030 - Miller
Hobart - Tools & Home Improvement

Last update on 2017-11-20 PST - Details

Things to know before buying​

Duty cycle​: Duty cycle is the time span for which a machine actually works or stays in dynamic state. For instance, a plasma cutter with 40% duty cycle will be idle for 6 minutes out of 10. It works for 4 minutes and then rests for 6. This completes one cycle of it’s “duty”. Duty cycle affects how long it will take for you to finish the project. Hence, choose the product with a higher duty cycle.

Thickness​: ​Thickness is a major concern you should address before buying. Most professionals cut ½” thickness. Most plasma cutters provide ½” of clean cut and a severance cut of ⅝ or 1”. Clean cut is the cut made without any hassle at fast speed. Severance cut requires time and patience, along with a steady hand. Plasma cutters are better than oxyfuel for cutting through a thickness of less than 2”. Beyond 2”, oxyfuel is more effective. Plasma cutters produce cleaner, smoother and faster cuts than oxyfuel below 2”.

Portability​: Another thing to consider is the area where the cutter will be utilized. If your needs dictate that you need to utilize it in different spots, think about getting a portable plasma cutter that weighs around 30 lbs. Portable plasma cutters also require an air compressor for a clean and cool air flow. This ensures that the hot plasma doesn’t heat the unit up. Air compressor makes significant impact on the quality of your cut.​

Power​: Plasma cutters carry an IPM (Inches Per Minute) rating, which can offer you some assistance with choosing the one fit for your necessities.​ Buy an item which has an integrated cooling framework so that the cool air is flowed through the focal point of the machine. The centre of the machine is the place where the heat gets trapped up. Having compelling cooling mechanism will guarantee the duty cycle more productive.

Cost​: Price is what concerns everyone, and it should. But don’t spend blindly and think that giving big bucks will give you the best product. The market is huge and there are a lot of gimmicks, which makes it necessary that you do proper research. Some plasma cutters provide extra plasma cutter accessories such as nozzles and electrodes. You can learn more in our plasma cutter guide. Plasma consumable life is also a major thing to check. If the consumables run out fast, and the new consumables aren’t readily available, your project will be on a halt for weeks. So make sure the manufacturer provides extra consumables or the new ones are readily available.

Know Everything About Accessories​

​What are the accessories used in a plasma cutter? This is the first thing you must know.Here is a comprehensive list of plasma cutter accessories. This list help you learn about the different types of plasma cutters available along with their usage and specialties.

Nozzle: Nozzle is the tip of the plasma torch through which the hot plasma flame flows into the metal. After a certain period of time, the nozzle wears out from the heat and the contact with the material. Some plasma cutters feature a pilot arc where there is no direct contact between the torch and the material to be cut. In this case, the nozzle lasts longer along with other consumables.​

Head Protectors​​: If you want more protection, use head protectors - a shield or cover for the head of your plasma torch. This ensures that the heat doesn’t make you uncomfortable or the molten metal doesn’t damage the torch. Head protectors save the plasma torch so that you don’t have to spend big on them later.​

Plasma Torch​: If your plasma torch gets damaged due to some reason, you can get a completely new plasma torch. Many manufacturers provide plasma torch as an accessory but you should buy from a trusted retailer. Plasma torch should be better covered by a sheath to prevent damage. As plasma torches are expensive, care must be taken beforehand.

Remote Hand Switch​: This switch lets you operate your plasma cutter torch from a distance. This option is available for selected plasma cutters, so always check and see if your product is compatible. Many people want to control torch from a distance for convenience. This product makes it possible.

Electrodes: Electrode is the negative end of the circuit and the material to be cut is the positive end of the circuit. In this way, the ionized plasma gas flows from around the electrode, through the nozzle, onto the material.​

Plasma Flow Measuring Kit​: Experts recommend that one must keep the optimum plasma flow through their plasma cutters. If the flow is too thin or too thick, the consumables will burn out or the torch can be damaged. To know what is the right flow level for your torch, read your instruction manual or contact your manufacturer. The plasma flow measuring kit will help you adjust the flow to the required level.

Wheel Kit​: Wheel kit is a transportation cart for your plasma cutter which comes in handy when moving the unit from one room to another within your store. Some machines which aren’t portable require sturdy career like this for their portability. Lighter machines have handles or can be placed on such wheel kits for transportation.​

Torch Wrap and Kit Holder​: This storage bag let you keep your torch, cable and other spare tools separately. You don’t need to search all around the room to get that spare nozzle or electrode when you run out of consumables. This proves beneficial for transportation when you’re moving the whole equipment to a new place.

Plasma Cutting Guide​: Plasma Cutting Guides are used to align the cut so that the cut made is precise and without any human error. Plasma cutting guide helps cut in circles or straight lines as per need. They are specially great for beginners.


​There are many things one must know before buying a plasma cutter. Those who already have one need to know about plasma cutter accessories. Plasma cutter accessories like nozzles and electrodes wear out fairly quickly and hence must be replaced from time to time. Using a shield for your torch increases security. Many plasma cutter accessories are listed in this guide which will improve your plasma cutting experience.​

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